Be Your Own Model

19 Sep

One of the worst things to happen when you think of a new idea for an awesome photo is that you don’t have a model to help carry out the idea. I encounter this problem much too often, so instead of holding back my creativity, I throw myself in front of the camera.

I’m not a very good model when it comes to other people taking photos of me, but when it’s me, myself, and I in front of and behind the camera, I am much more relaxed. Nobody else will see the awful experimental poses I come up with, so there’s nothing to be embarrassed about.  Sure, it takes quite a while to capture your ideal photo when you have to switch back & forth between model and photographer, but it gives you practice on being both. If I end up with even a couple good pictures, I’m happy with myself.

All you need is your camera, a tripod, and yourself.
Give it a try and share one of your photos with us :)



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